Finally some Sunshine

Whether it was the Morning Frost or the Wet, filthy Roads the motivation to gear up and get out on the Bicycle this Morning was strangely lacking. Breakfast came and went followed by numerous mugs of tea and still the roads were wet each time I looked out the Window, thoughts even turned to spinning the Hamster Wheel.

But the Hamster Wheel is a poor substitute for riding real roads in the fresh air so somehow I managed to shake off the procrastination, pull on the Winter layers and venture out on the Bicycle to explore a couple of new [to me] roads.

I set off briefly along the Greenway then the Comber road and up the new line, along Eden road, Ballymaglaff road and Gransha road then in to Ballykeel road where the first weak hint of Sunshine started to creep through the overcast Sky. Keeping up a good steady effort I pushed on along the Lisnasallagh, Lisdoonan, Ballyknockan and Ravara roads which brought me in to Ballgowan. Out the Moss road in lovely bright Sunshine in to Lisbarnett road then down the Tullynagee road and on to the main road to Comber and home via the Greenway.

Another short little spin but another good training session stressing the legs to boost the fitness. With the Weather forecast for the coming Week predicting Ice and Snow the Hamster Wheel will keep me occupied in the Evenings after Work.

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