Airport road smashfest

A lovely dry roads kinda Evening tempted me out for a spin directly after Work. Having not ridden with my Cycling Club for many Months I decided to jump back in at the deep end for the Tuesday Evening smash fest doing laps of the Airport road.

The roads around Belfast were even more gridlocked than normal as the crew gathered outside the Premier Inn Hotel in the Titanic Quarter so we decided to do a loop of the Titanic quarter first before venturing over to the Airport road to give the traffic a few extra minutes to disperse a little.

As we left the Titanic Quarter and set off up the Sydenham road it was clear of traffic but halfway along the traffic had backed right up so we decided to veer in to the Cycle path instead of the road to slip up the inside of some of the traffic, alas one of the guys near the front of the group clipped the kerb and down he went.

Man down at very slow speed before we really got motoring

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A few minutes later with no serious injuries it was time to set off again on to the much quieter Airport road and time to up the pace. As usual the exposed Airport road is prone to some wind in places and if the timing of the group rotation has the misfortune to have you on the front of the group when pulling in to the wind you are guaranteed a tough little workout until the rotation kicks in again. We had a great, tight packed, hard working group going keeping the speed high and the pulls on the front quite short. A great club spin, cold but no rain and lovely dry roads for once.

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