Spring wherefor art thou?

The longest Winter ever (that might be a little exaggeration on my part) threw another spanner in the works towards the middle of last Week dumping a load of Snow everywhere. But I was at Work doing the day job so it did not annoy me too much as I was still able to spin the Hamster Wheel in the Evenings.

Crunch crunch crunch #walk #walking #snow

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Saturday Morning arrived and it was more with hope rather than expectation that I looked out the Window to see if it was possible to get out for a Bike ride. My hopes were shattered in seconds, it was a White-out, the heaviest Snow yet and to top it off very strong winds and cold temperatures. Back to the Hamster Wheel again for another session on Zwift šŸ™ Just no point venturing out in that and risking a fall that could ruin my whole Summer.

My first Cycling event of the year is this coming Sunday, the Spring Sixty Sportive in Camlough. The Weather would need to sort itself out pretty quickly otherwise I will be giving it a miss this year.

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