A struggle in the Sunshine

A very heavy overnight Frost was followed by a crisp bright Morning and a Weather forecast of dry, sunny spells until evening, it was too tempting to ignore so I booked a half day annual leave from the day job and wheeled out the Summer Bike for a decent afternoon spin around the County Down roads.

With around four hours of daylight to play with I was hoping for around sixty miles or so, but no sooner had I clipped in to the pedals and chalked off the first Mile along the Comber Greenway I knew today was not going to be the day as my legs were just not working.

OK no problem I just adjusted my route, instead of going up in to the hills decided to continue on the Greenway all the way to Comber to give my legs a nice gentle, flat start to see if they would wake up and start working as so often happens. By Comber there was no improvement but I laboured on up the old Ballgowan road which was punctuated with numerous potholes from the recent bad weather. Then across to the Drumhirk road and a myriad of other quiet roads even taking some new [to me] roads enjoying a rare sunny day on the saddle with dry roads.

Although sunny and milder than it has been it was still chilly and Carrickmannon lake was frozen solid for at least half of the lake.

Despite having a day where my body just was not able to perform it was great being outside on the Summer Bike on quiet roads and lanes enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. My legs were leaden and I just could not get the power down the way I wanted, even the flat roads were a struggle never mind the many rolling hills. But I managed to knock out 32 miles before returning home to wash the Salt of the Bike and get a hot shower myself.

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