Nocturnal spin

Straight home from Work and straight out on the stress reliever aka the summer bike for a short spin in the fading light. As I started out the Legs were sluggish, heavy, still fatigued from my efforts in the Weekends Spring Sixty Sportive so I immediately abandoned my idea of heading up in to the Castlereagh hills and instead chose a flat start by jumping on to the Comber Greenway.

Somewhere along the Greenway the Legs started to loosen up and I was able to increase the effort and pace so I decided to try and sustain the effort fully expecting to have to ease off again a short while later. But no, the legs were working great as I battled a strong headwind navigating through Comber along the Ballydrain road up in to Lisbane.

A quick stop at a little lake for a quick snap on my Phone before it got too dark for the Phone Camera to focus.

Back on the Saddle again and off in to the darkness for a hard push straight in to Ballygowan, round the roundabout and another sustained hard push back to Dundonald via Comber again.

A little over an hour in duration but a good sustained hard effort then home to analyse the ride data which made good reading, the form is building, a surprise given how little miles I have clocked up this year which is well down on previous years.

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