Windy, windy, windy and freezing

An extremely Windy day and below freezing temperatures feeling even colder due to the Wind chill factor. But the plus side of all that Wind was that the roads were lovely and dry so mid-afternoon I put on some layers and then extra layers on top of that again to combat the cold and out I went on the Winter Bicycle for a short spin.

A gentle start up the Comber Greenway through Comber, up the Ballygowan road up the Hillsborough road and in to Ballycreely road where I found some of the best, smoothest tarmac in County Down. Rolling along at a nice pace I was soon crossing the Ballygowan road and turning in to the Tullyhubert road making my way across to Moneyreagh.

Leaving the Tullyhubert road the full force of the Wind was now hitting me head-on slowing my forward progress, I descended back down the Hillsborough road and cycled a second loop of the Ballycreely and Tullyhubert roads round to Moneyreagh again before descending through Ballystockart back to Dundonald and a hot shower.

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