Another short Windy Spin

A leisurely Morning followed by an early lunch then straight out on the Bicycle for another short spin battling the very strong wind. The prolonged dry spell continued and for once the Sun was also out. Dry roads and sunshine, what is not to like?

I set off through Dundonald then climbing up the new line and Ballystockart roads to the Hillsborough road then in to the beautiful smooth tarmac of Ballycreely road. Straight across the Tullyhubbert road then the draggy climb of the Monlough road. Leaving the Monlough road I passed a few of the ladies from my Cycling Club coming the opposite way as I kept the power on down the Ravara road to Ballygowan.

In to the more exposed Moss road and the Wind was slowing my progress so I turned off in to the Burn road… big mistake, the wind was now head on and really slowing my progress. The lower half of this road is quite a steep downhill and normally quite a fast descent but the Wind again robbed me of a lot of speed. Crossing over the Killyleagh road I was soon on the Ballydrain road which afforded me a bit more shelter to Comber.

Joining the Comber Greenway I noticed an ederly Gentleman stopped trying to inflate his rear tyre, I stopped to assist as it was clear he was struggling a little with his pump and then cycled back to Dundonald with him at a nice leisurely pace. With the Wind due to be much lighter tomorrow and the sunny dry spell continuing, the chances of getting a longer spin in look good.

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