Saturday short n sharp spin

I awoke to a very hard frost but a nice bright, dry Morning. Today was the Tour of Ards Cycle race which I wanted to Photograph but it started at 11am which would not leave me much time to squeeze in a Bike ride for myself, so I decided to get out the door early despite the frost and just do a short but hard spin.

Because the roads were nice and dry there was not much frost and Ice around but I still had to exercise some caution in the lanes beneath the shaded hedgerows. I took the main road out of Dundonald up to Comber then up the Hillsborough road in to Ballycreely road then back on to the main road for a short blast down to Ballygowan and took the main road all the way back to Comber and finally home via the Greenway at a much easier effort. A beautiful, crisp, sunny Morning for a Bicycle ride before Breakfast.

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