Keeping all the Matches in the Matchbox

Pushing hard efforts on a Bicycle is often referred to as burning a Match, and you only have a finite amount of Matches to burn before you run out of energy. Todays Bike ride was a nice steady spin keeping all of the Matches firmly in the Matchbox.

I set off through Dundonald along the main road to Comber and the main road to Ballygowan keeping the pace nice and steady. On to the Carrickmannon road and soon a small group of Cyclists from Dromore Cycling Club slipped past me, I was briefly tempted to burn a Match and give chase but thought better off it, a single Cyclist will rarely hold off a group of riders.

Turning off the Carrickmannon road at Raffrey and taking the Killyleagh road back towards Saintfield then in to Carsonstown road and the Saintfield road back to Ballygowan. A left took me in to the Ravara road then rolling along Monlough road to Moneyreagh then back to Dundonald via the Ballystockart and New Line roads for a thirty mile spin on dry roads with a strong wind and still very cold.

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