Hard push

If yesterday was all about conserving energy, todays Cycle set fire to all the Matches and the Matchbox too. The overall average speed does not reflect that however as I battled a strong wind, I have definitely gone quicker in the past for much less effort.

A short spin but pushing hard against the wind and up quite a few short, sharp little hills. The Weather forecast for the coming few days is not good so a perfect opportunity to take a few days off the Bicycle and rest to let the body recover from all the hard training lately. But first a chance to sting the legs and empty the tank.

I set off through Dundonald and up the new line and in to Eden road having to slow to a crawl to avoid spooking a Horse much to the appreciation of the rider mounted on it. Then along the Gransha road, Ballykeel road, Monlough road and a real hard push down the Ravara road in to Ballygowan. From there I took the Moss road to Lisbane still battling a headwind and then a brisk descent of Quarry road to the Ballydrain road and Comber.

Finally time to cool the effort and just ride home nice and easy along the Greenway on another cold, but dry and sunny day.

Studying the data analytics post-ride a few rest days are definitely in order due to accruing a good build up of training stress in recent weeks.

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