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Stood at the Kitchen Sink washing the dishes from my evening Meal I couldn’t help notice the clouds of Flies in the back garden, the Sun was shining, the earlier Rain showers had passed through and the strong winds had eased a little. Should I get the Fishing rod out for the first time this year?

Although not particularly warm the Wind was at least coming from a South Westerly direction which is usually good for fishing so I decided to give it a go but opted to stay local and try a new venue for me in Donaldsons Trout Fishery in the Holywood hills.

A short drive and soon I was tackled up and ready to pit my wits at a new to me venue not really knowing what to expect.

Steep banks made for tricky backcasts #flyfishing #troutfishing

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The chill in the air and the swirling wind was not ideal conditions for consistently feeding fish at surface level none-the-less there were sporadic Trout rising to take the hatching Buzzers in the surface film giving me hope of a fish or two.

The fishing was not easy but after about an hour I plucked a couple of fish with neither hooking up but shortly after I made proper contact with what felt like a good Trout and after a good hard fight I slipped the net under a fin perfect, nicely coloured, over-wintered fish before unhooking it and releasing it back in to the lake unharmed.

#rainbowtrout #1 was a nice chunky overwintered fish #flyfishing #troutfishing

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All evening the fishing was slow but I persevered and managed a reasonable five fish for a few hours of fishing and called it a day as the sun set over the hills.

The Wind finally dropped as the Sun set tonight #flyfishing #troutfishing

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