Sunset spin

After two and a half days off the Bicycle it was time to get back out there, but only for a short and fairly low intensity ride. A steady spin up the Comber Greenway to Comber and out the Killyleagh road lifting the intensity to remind the legs and body what is expected when in the Saddle. A good hard but sustainable push up the Tullynagee road to really wake the legs from the rest and recovery days and a new personal best time was the reward.

After Tullynagee it was time to dial the intensity back down again as I was planning a much longer spin for tomorrow and did not want to use up precious energy reserves. Along the Lisbarnet road to Lisbane and a brisk descent of Quarry road then out the Strangford Coastline to Nendrum at a touring pace, looking over the hedges, enjoying the Sunshine. I stopped to grab a few Photographs and a video of the Terns doing some fishing.

An enjoyable evening but the temperature was not great and the light was fading so back on the Bicycle in the Ringneill road and Ballydrain road back towards Comber.

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