Phoenix CC Vets and Ladies Club Championships

This Evening was the Phoenix CC Vets and Ladies Club Championships road race around the Jacobs ladder Circuit at Saintfield better known to Motorcycle racing enthusiasts as the old Temple 100 Course, with the exception that the Cycle race runs anti-clockwise around the Circuit.

I wanted to Photograph the racing with the trusty Nikon but it was also such a beautiful evening that I wanted to get a Bike ride in too, so why not combine the two. I knew I would have to limit what photographic equipment I brought with me to save on weight so I kept my kit simple, one small light Camera body and a 50mm prime lens. It was a compromise giving me neither a wide or a zoom, but I would have to make the best use of it that I could.

I set off up the Comber Greenway to avoid the rush hour traffic jams and obnoxious fumes, a peaceful, green escape from the hustle and bustle of City life.

Leaving Comber on the Ballydrain road for more quiet roads out past Castle Espie and a new to me road the Killnakin road; a narrow single-lane road with poor road surface and a few small but testing climbs with views across to Sketrick island and Whiterock.

Onwards on the Ballymorran road and another of the little scenic bays around Strangford Lough.

The Quarterlands road and Ringdufferin road were next up, plenty of loose gravel on the road to keep me alert and a few more photo opportunities along the way too as well as an encounter with a big Labrador who was very protective of his territory… but his bark was much worse than his bite thankfully.

Out on to the main road to Killyleagh for a short distance then in to Clea Lough road.

From there I realised I was cutting it fine for time so decided to take a direct route through Darragh Cross to Saintfield, grab a quick snack and out on to the Circuit for a quick recce to find a few photo locations to shoot the cycle race from.

Racing over for the evening and it was time to cycle back home, in to Saintfield then down to Ballygowan and home again via the Greenway. 44 sunny miles and a few decent images captured by the trusty Nikon.

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