Long pootles and short efforts

A short spin this Afternoon on a very dull, cloudy day but still very warm and humid. I decided to just ride nice and easy and only put in a big effort on a couple of short sections of road that I wanted to improve my segment time on.

I set off along the main Newtownards road and then in to the grounds of Stormont Estate for the tough climb up to Carsons statue… made even tougher by a strong headwind. It was very early in to the bike ride but I decided to have a bit of a dig at the climb anyway to see if I could set a new personal best time. I held what I felt was a good strong effort up the climb but no new personal best time, not a great start.

Leaving Stormont via Massey avenue and across to Holywood the headwind still making it tougher going than I would have like but soon I was cruising in along the Airport road and catching tailwind assistance pausing briefly for a quick phone photograph of the wildflowers then along Sydenham road and decided to have another dig on the up and over flyover. I hit it hard and held great power but alas the traffic lights on the downslope were Red, traffic was backed up and so I had to abort my attempt at that segment.

A leisurely pootle up the side of the Lagan along Beersbridge road and through Orangefield Park and on to the Greenway all at a nice easy pace then out the Comber road in to Hillhead road up Peartree road and another segment I wanted to hit hard on Eden road. But this road has been recently stone chipped with lots of loose chippings still on the road so caution was better than valour and I again aborted my effort.

Out on to Gransha road and keeping it easy to conserve energy to attack one last segment climbing up the Gilnahirk road. Just under one mile at 3% average gradient topping out at 11% on the lower slopes of the climb. Nothing got in the way of this effort and I improved my time by 35 seconds for a new personal best time and a nice downhill descent down the other side.

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