Evening spin

It was in to the Evening before I ventured out on the Bicycle today and I decided to hit it hard and fast for a short spin up the main road to Comber, round the bypass and along the dual carriageway in to Newtownards. There was a strong Wind blowing and I was mostly cutting across the wind so I was very surprised to see on my Wahoo Cycle Computer just how fast I had covered the distance. Easily my fastest spin this year, admittedly a flat route.

After that fast push I decided to ease off the gas and head for home at what I thought was a gentler pace. Speed wise it was definitely an easier pace but the power data showed it was actually a slightly harder effort than the push round to Ards. No doubt the climb up round Scrabo pushed the power up.

No personal best time recorded on the climb though as I forogot to start the computer recording ride data until I was halfway up the climb… maybe next time!

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