Peninsula loop and a lesson in hydration

A beautifully warm and sunny Morning for a Bicycle ride. The Club spins had left at 8am and 9am neither of which had I any chance of making this Morning so instead I opted for a solo spin and decided to hit the coastal roads of the Peninsula.

Off through Dundonald a brisk descent of Bradshaws Brae then an ascent of the Movilla road and across Moss road passing Ballycopelland Windmill on my way to Millisle .

From Millisle I kept up a fast pace through Ballywalter, Ballyhalbert, Portavogie and down the Bog road passing Kirkistown race circuit where I made a brief stop.

Weaving around the quieter interior roads I made my way back to Newtownards maintaining a fast pace. I was now cramping up quite badly having neglected to keep myself properly hydrated in the heat so I took the easy option of a lift home from my brother rather than cramp more and become more dehydrated.

Another great day for a Bike ride but another learning day. 45 miles clocked up at my fastest ever solo pace for that distance. I have gone faster in group rides before and faster on solo rides but never on solo rides at that kind of distance.

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