Spin with Vin

My mate Gavin travelled down to Dundonald this Morning to catch up and go for a Cycle with me. We set off through Dundonald then in to the new line and hillhead roads. Ascending the Ballystockart road Gavin mentioned that his gear indexing was off and even though he had attempted to index it correctly it still was not shifting correctly. I had barely just said the words that maybe he needed to replace the gear cable when the cable broke and left him stranded in his hardest gear. We made the decision to ride back to my house, replace the cable and then go back out for a shorter spin in what time he had left.

Back at my house, his Bicycle in my workstand and we set to work on replacing it. The SRAM hydraulic shifters on Gavins bike were a little trickier to recable than my Shimano setup but the internal cabling on the rest of his bike was very easy with good access ports and we soon had the cable replaced and fine tuned the gear indexing.

Back out on to the road and with Gavin now on limited time we decided on a much shorter route, a steady spin straight out to Daft Eddies for lunch and straight back.

A nice gentle 34 mile spin in very warm sunshine. Gavin then drove home with my Winter Bike in his Car to try and sell it for me as I have decided to build from the ground up a disc braked bike. Having stock-piled some Bicycle parts over this past couple of years the bulk of the new Bike is already in my shed and already paid for so this should work out a very cheap build, and a good learning project.

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