Early Bird spin

I awoke at 4am, it was already daylight, I briefly considered getting geared up and going out on the Bicycle to enjoy the quiet roads whilst the World around me slept. Instead I returned to the Pillow and tried to get back to sleep.

Almost an hour passed and still not sleeping so I got up and started prepping to go out for a Bike ride. A Black Cat in my back garden attacked and killed a big Wood Pigeon, calmly walking off to the hedge with its capture in its mouth.

After all the sweltering heat lately getting out at this hour of the Morning felt distincly chilly but I knew it would warm up as the Morning wore on. I set off through Dundonald enjoying quiet roads and stuck to the main road up to Comber rather than hop on to the Greenway.

Out early on the Bicycle with no food since my evening meal the previous day I decided to ride at a gentle effort and keep to the flatter coastal roads stopping frequently to grab a few Photographs with my Phone.

A beautiful Morning to be out and about. 31 miles clocked up at a sedate pace and I barely met another person/vehicle the whole time.

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