Shut up Legs!

For a few Weekends now I have not partaken in the Weekend Club spin, mostly because it takes an early start and bit of organisation to be fed, watered, kitted up and cycle over to the House of Sport for the 9am departure time. I decided this Morning I would attempt to get across town for the Club spin. Even so as I clipped in to the pedals to set off from home I was already cutting it fine on time. Best get a move on then.

Out along the Knock carriageway passing Forestside and Knockbreda then down past Shaws Bridge and up to the House of Sport with a couple of minutes to spare. Despite various Sportives, TTs and road races on there was still a good turnout for the various groups and today I opted for a faster group than I normally would ride with. A good fast, hard kicking would do my fitness no harm at all.

Soon our group was rolling out along the Malone road through Finaghy and Dunmurry and up Boomers road, a long, draggy uphill section I normally struggle on. Focussing on the rear wheel in front and repeating “hold the wheel, hold the wheel, hold the wheel” I got to the top still in the group ๐Ÿ™‚ and we rolled on through Ballymacash and up the Glenavy road.

The Glenavy road is also draggy and I again done my best to hold on to the Wheel in front, I did allow a bike length or two of a gap to open up a couple of times but nothing so big that I could not close again on the flatter sections. Then Brian the ride leader called a right turn to take in the Ballyclough road climb, a new road to me. With the steep gradient causing people to struggle and weave around in front of me I decided it would be safer to dig deep and come around them to get some clear road, luckily the road levelled out just afterwards to afford me a little recovery before it pitched up again. Before long the hurt was over and we were on Sheepwalk road then a nice fast descent to the Ballinderry road where I dropped my Mars bar and almost shed a tear, vital energy lying on the road that my Legs needed later in the ride ๐Ÿ™

Flatter terrain, a beautiful road surface, a tight group of strong riders and the pace inevitably lifted. The synergy within the group saw us make swift progress along the Ballinderry road then out station road around Portmore lake to Gawleys gate and Aghaghallon with Oxford Island as the designated Coffee stop. I said my goodbyes to the group at this point wanting to push on and make it home to watch todays stage of the Tour de France on the Television.

I turned in to the Old Kilmore road and made my way across to Moira which as usual was bumper-to-bumper with traffic. Round the roundabout and out the Lisburn road then a right turn in to the Lany road dropping down the Aghnatrisk road to Culcavy and across Blaris road to Lisburn. The Legs were fading badly shut up Legs so I took on an emergency Torq gel and half an energy bar and hoped it wouldn’t take too long for my body to process it and feed my muscles with a nice boost.

Through Lisburn town and Dunmurry the Legs came good again as the energy boost kicked in then Finaghy, Ballmoral and Stranmillis for a rapid 56 mile spin.

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