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The Transcontinental Race is a self-supported Bicycle race for solo or paired riders starting in Belgium, covering approx., 4000KM across Europe (depending on the route chosen) passing through a couple of compulsory checkpoints and finishing in Greece.

254 crazies started the race this year, at time of writing this, seventeen have had to scratch (abandon) either through injury, exhaustion or mechanical issues. At a time when Europe is experiencing a heatwave with daytime temperatures predicted to set new records, these crazy Cyclists are pushing the limits of human endurance Cycling hundreds or Kilometres per day. Every day. Back-to-back. Usually on only a couple of hours sleep per night. Others who are not aiming to be competitive will ensure a full nights sleep and might even pay for a Hotel room. Many crawl inside their bivvy bags and grab a couple of hours sleep where they can.

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Not surprisingly food and water becomes extremely important in a race of this nature where each competitor expends so much energy on the Bicycle that they need to consume 8 – 12000 calories every single day (yes thats 4 – 6 days worth of food in a day).

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Fully loaded Bicycles add extra weight so many competitors opt to go minimal on kit as they do battle with gravity over numerous European Mountain passes.

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Only one amazing human (robot?) can win the race, but all will suffer.

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