Up the Knockagh

Up good and early and keen to get out on the Bicycle for a good session to make up for yesterday, but even so it took me an age to get sorted out and out the door. Heat wave? Woah who turned the heat off? A chilly start for sure.

With it being Sunday Morning and the Shops not open until after lunch the roads were quiet so I took the Newtownards road down in to Town at a brisk pace and told myself to reign it in a bit and save the energy levels as todays plan was to hit the Knockagh road climb hard and try to set a new personal best time.

A nice steady spin through town and up the Duncrue industrial estate then on to the Loughshore phsyco path to Gideon’s Green, up the Doagh road and the Monkstown road and finally in to the Knockagh road.

The Knockagh road climb is a one and a half mile climb on mostly well surfaced tarmac with a consistent 6% gradient. Off I set but before long the burn was setting in and soon I was shifting up the cassette in to an easier gear. On up I went and I started to find a good climbing rythm and noticed another cyclist up ahead. I had not seen him when I started so realised I must be climbing a bit faster than him. As I closed in on him I could see he was struggling to turn the gear, regularly getting out of the Saddle but getting straight back in to it again after a single pedal stroke and soon I had caught and passed him. It turned out he had a mate just up ahead of him on the climb and I was now in a good strong moment so I pushed on, caught and passed him too and gapped him by the top of the climb knocking 14 seconds of my personal best, a rare strong climbing day for me πŸ™‚

No point climbing to the top of the Knockagh road and not taking in the short climb up the Monument road so off I went and took a few minutes at the Monument to take in the views and refuel a little.

Down the other side of the Knockagh road at a more leisurely pace than I normally descend it at and then a climb up the new line, a longer drag at a shallower average graident and another good leg burner. Enough hard efforts for one day time to enjoy the descent back down the new line and ride back home at an easier effort level.

But first a little detour over to Carrickfergus where the Sun was breaking through and temperatures were a lot higher than when I set off this Morning.

Leaving Carrickfergus, through Jordanstown and on to the heavily pedestrian congested Lough shore path to Gideons Green then back to Duncrue and Belfast. I decided to clock up a few more miles by scooting out the Airport road to Holywood and home for a good 52 mile spin.

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