Castleward bun run

Despite “the best laid plans of Mice and Men” a couple of unforseen minor issues with batteries saw me leaving the house ten minutes later than planned and now well and truly up against time to get across the outer ring to the House of Sport in time for the Phoenix Cycling Club group spin.

This would have to be a painful start if I was to stand any chance of Cycling the seven Miles fast enough to get there in time. Bad luck, I got every single Red traffic light along the way, a glance at the Clock on my Wahoo Cycle Computer showed I was losing the fight but I was having a good day, the Legs were pulling strong and I was maintaining a high average speed setting a new personal best time over to the House of Sport. Alas the B1 group whom I wanted to ride with today had already left and the slower B2 group was just leaving so I had no choice other than to join them or ride solo so a more leisurely B2 spin it was.

Rolling along the Malone road through Drumbeg it was clear that the group was too large to keep everyone safe and so we pulled in to Sandy Lane and split the group in to two, my group departed on a spin for Castleward and the larger, slower group for Downpatrick.

Up Sandy Lane, through Lisburn and up through Legacurry and around to Ballynahinch then Annacloy, over the Quoile where one of our number peeled off for home then out the Strangford road to Castleward where another lad dropped off the back and turned for home. Two lads already away home struggling to go the distance and pace, we have all been there at some point! Today though I was finding the pace very very comfortable such has been the boost in my Cycling fitness recently.

Approaching Castleward we took a little detour through grass and gravel to get to the Coffee shop.

Refuelled we were soon off on our travels again, taking the lanes through Ballycutler and around to Saul where another lads Legs started to go as the constant short, sharp, hills wore away at his energy levels however we did our best to keep him with us but still it was a long sufferfest home for him.

Over the Quoile Bridge, out the Killyleagh road and in to the Scaddy road the banter was good, through Darragh Cross and up the Carsontown road I said farewell to the group and picked up the pace on a brisk solo spin down to Ballygowan and Comber then home via the Greenway. 71 miles clocked up, a very fast solo start, an enjoyable leisurely Club spin and a fast solo finish. Below is a few video clips of the ride.

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