Phoenix CC Rubble group

At least a year must have past since I last went out for a group ride with the “Rubble” group of Phoenix Cycling Club, a group consisting mostly of the more elderly Club members but open to all.

I fancied a longer spin today but I did not want to hammer myself either so the easier pace of the rubble group suited the requirements however the rubble meet on the Lagan towpath near Hilden departing at 9:30am and I really did not give myself enough time to get across to Lisburn through the busy traffic. As a result I would have to dig deep and push on hard, very hard. I have never ridden as hard ever for such a low forward pace given all the stoppages for red traffic lights and traffic gridlock.

Through the City and out to Drumbeg I knew I had a few minutes to spare so eased the effort level significantly ascending Sandy lane and meeting the group. An easy paced group spin saw me finding the going very easy which was perfect, just sit in an rest and ride easy when it came to my turn on the front. A good loop on quiet roads and back home. 77 miles door-to-door and home feeling like I could have stayed out and done a lot more miles rather than coming home drained, perfect.

Relive ‘Phoenix CC rubble spin’

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