When your best is still not good enough

Up early leaving myself plenty of time to get kitted up, fuelled up etc for the Saturday Phoenix CC Club spin. Out the Door, go to zip up my Club Gillet and solid resistance the zip just would not budge. I faffed around for a few minutes trying to zip it up but no go. Unlock the Door to the House, back inside, get my older Gillet and it zipped up first time. Alas the faffing around had now set me back quite a bit of time and I was up against it to get across to the House of Sport in time. Thanks very much Santini and your quality control 🙄

Another personal beasting session around the outer ring to the House of Sport in the Wet roads with light rain falling trying to claw back time to ensure I did not miss the group departing on the Club spin. I made it with seconds to spare but I had cycled very hard and used a lot of energy and no recovery time before setting off with the Club.

Due to various other Sportives etc on today, the numbers in our group were down compared to normal therefore the time between pulls on the front would be shorter than normal, so less of a chance to sit on wheels and recover some energy, this could be a hard day in the Saddle 😕

We rolled out from the House of Sport then down Balmoral Avenue at a very leisurely pace, maybe this would not be as hard a day in the Saddle as anticipated. 😀

But then we went under the M1 Motorway and turned in to Kennedy Way, I knew right away that meant we were going to start out hilly with me still trying to recover from a hard charge across town I knew I was in trouble. Up Kennedy way to the Monagh bypass I was a couple of Wheels further back from the group than I would have wanted but still in touch with the group so clinging on to the hope that I could keep in touch with them until it levelled out. But as we climbed up the bypass the elastic got more and more stretched with the gap between me and the back of the group increasing steadily.

The group turned in to the Upper Springfield Road and I was now well back. Would they ease off and let me get back on? Nope they pressed on up the long uphill drag to Divis and the Dundrod road race circuit. Despite climbing up the Springfield road faster than I have ever managed before the group were completely out of my sight. Did they go straight on towards Dundrod or did they turn right to climb on up Divis? I had no idea but I had reasonably good legs today so opted to venture up a Cloud enshrined Divis. Again I climbed Divis faster than I have ever managed before (though still painfully slowly compared to most) but no sign of the Club group they had obviously gone straight on.

The top of the Mountain was Cloudy and the Wind was unreal, it almost blew the Bike out of my hands as I leant it against the Cairn for a couple of quick Phone Camera Photographs.

Straight back on the Saddle for the descent, no point hanging around at the top in that Wind. The descent was Wet, and sketchy so I took it very cautious.

Back on to the Upper Springfield Road and after all that slow climbing it was now time to have some fun, lay down some power and take full advantage of the downslopes and gravity. Weaving between wet slippy manhole covers and trying to pick a safe line between the bumps, potholes and broken glass bottle I pushed on at speed and made it back down to the Monagh bypass quicker than I have managed before. Disappointing to have been dropped by the Club group but plenty of positives too with lots of personal best times uphill and downhill and riding better than ever.

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