Kirkistown, ISB

Easter Monday saw the second round of the Irish Superbike Championships held at Kirkistown where the Weather was pretty much perfect for racing. The competitor entry list was slightly watered down compared to Bishopscourt but there was still some first class race action to entertain the large holiday crowd (well large by Irish short Circuit racing standards).

With such a small Circuit it is really dificult to capture any images that are different to the previous visit to the same venue. This time though I had brought my remote Camera triggers and Manfrotto Tripod with me and I also had the temporary loan of a Nikon 400mm f2.8 lens (big thanks Davy!). I have owned the remote triggers for well over a Year, but have rarely used them. I doubt if I will make a habit of using them, however it is a nice tool to have in the armoury should I feel the need to use them, or more likely, find a location that would make a great image but can not gain access to it without digging in overnight in full camouflage gear :-p

Aussie Cameron Donald resumed where he left off at Bishopscourt by again winning every Race he had entered. Here he is powering out of the Hairpin on his way to another comfortable Superbike Race win for the Wilson Craig Honda racing Team.

Kirk Jamison‘s local Circuit is Kirkistown and the Greyabbey “fitness fanatic” *cough* *cough* :-p had a brilliant Weekend on the Jim Angus Contract’s BMW Superstock machine where he comfortably beat all the local championship regulars and even made Cameron work a bit for some of his Race wins.

The inside of Fisherman’s Corner for some reason is now a prohibited area, I setup my Tripod and remote Camera here in the Grass a safe distance away from the Race track to enable me to capture this image of Gary Robinson in the Supersport 600 qualifying session.

I also deployed the remote Camera at a couple of spots around the Chicane triggering it from a safe distance to capture these images of Michael Dunlop and Jordan Bonar.

There is no respite in the local racing scene with the first pure Road Race of the Season, the Cookstown 100, this Friday (practice) and Saturday (Race day).

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