Born in 1971 I have only been ‘in’ to photography since about 2003, it has proven to be a challenging and expensive hobby, but very enjoyable too. I am a Software Developer for my day job and although that pays better, I get a lot more enjoyment from my photography.

So far I have chosen to specialise in Motorcycle racing photography where my photographs have been published in numerous media publications (Irish Racer Magazine, Irish Bike, Bikesport News, Flat to the Mat, Belfast Telegraph, Portadown Times, Newtownards Chronicle, Performance Bikes Magazine, Road Racing Ireland magazine, Road Racing World magazine (US), Bike Buyers Guide, RIDE, MCN, MCN Sport, Fast Bikes magazine etc) however I have the photographic skills to take on most jobs.

As well as Motorcycle racing photography I like to utilise off-camera, artificial flash lighting in to my photo shoots. A lot of photographers fear flash preferring to work solely with natural light and whilst there is no substitute for good natural light, we do not live in an ideal world and more often than not the natural light is not how we would like it to be and using flash in these situations can really enhance the look and feel of an image.

I shoot exclusively with Nikon cameras and all of my lenses are also by Nikon.

I am available for location portraiture, engagements, Weddings, portfolio shoots etc etc Contact me today to discuss your requirements. Currently living in County Armagh Belfast, Northern Ireland, I am centrally located in Northern Ireland to cover the whole of the North.

In June 2014 I bought a road Bicycle and that started me down another expensive, challenging, addiction hobby. My fleet of Bicycles (and clothing wardrobe) has greatly expanded since then, and I also added a little Sony Camera to the collection as it is compact enough to fit in the pocket of a Cycling Jersey/Jacket.

If you would like to commission me to provide my photographic services to you then please email me derekcleggv4 at googlemail.com.

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